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This is a snippet from the Raw Story. Go there and read the full article about how the republican party of the US want to happily join impoverished nations in destroying female autonomy.  The fetus-fetish crew never seem to key on the fact that women are alive and are actually fully human being with the full status we accord to autonomous individuals.  Facts I guess, get in the way of screaming “what about the baaaaaaaaabeeeeeeee!!1!!!”, till either they or their opponents are rendered unconscious.

“A study published in The Lancet last January shows that the countries with the most stringent restrictions on abortion also have the highest rates of unsafe abortion.

The rate of unsafe abortion in Africa was 28 per 1,000 women of childbearing age and 31 per 1,000 in Latin America, regions where abortion is highly restricted in almost all countries, according to the study led by Gilda Sedgh at the Guttmacher Institute in New York, using the most recent data gathered in 2008. That compares with less than 0.5 per 1,000 in western Europe and North America.

Unsafe abortions result in 200 deaths for every 100,000 abortions performed globally, or 350 times the current rate in the United States, according to the study. Legalizing abortion in South Africa (1997) and Nepal (2002), resulted in a 91 percent reduction in abortion-related deaths in the former country and a 50 percent decline in the rate of abortion-related complications seen in hospitals in the latter.”

‘Nuff said.


I was unaware of the meme-status of beast jesus.  :)

If it happens down south, you know who is next in line.   Support this video, reblog it, post it everywhere.  The rights of women are threatened, take action and don’t let the bad guys (aka republicans) win.

Or anyone who claims to be rational.  I’m not sure how the religious do the whole indoctrination thing with a straight face.  Can you imagine?


Child:  How were we made?

Parent: Well you see this magic ooga-booga decided to scrape some mud together and breath life into it about 6,000 years ago….

Child: But I learned in school today that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago…

Parent: Stop talking sense, or you’ll go to hell!

Child: (cowering)(is quiet)

Err…yes, anyhow lets not do that kids, they deserve better.  Much better than what the vapid crusty old religious have to offer.

This comment jumped out at me from a thread I was perusing at Captain  I commiserate with the author to a certain extent, as the post as it describes so much of the frustration I have to put up with attempting to educate people about basic facts of our culture.  My frustration is nothing though compared with people who have to deal with this sorta crap everday.  Post-Feminism my ass.  There is still such a long way to go toward achieving equality and recognition of women as fully human, fully autonomous beings.  Oh, and go read the whole thread over there, it is well worth your time.

SisterCoyote said:

“I don’t want to dogpile or anything. But I just feel like I should say this.

Every single person, IRL, to whom I have said the words “Rape Culture,” has been hearing it for the first time from me. It is possible that one or two of the women at Food Not Bombs mentioned it, but I don’t remember. One of my closest friends – first time*. My close female friend in highschool – first time. Any of my best friends, honestly. Most of the geeky fannish writing group I hang out with online – a handful of exceptions, there. Not many. My dad, first time (and ye gods, what was I thinking?). My brother, first time. My sister, first time. Every single one of her friends**. First time ever hearing the words “Rape Culture.”

The way we’re going to make headway as a culture is by addressing this stuff head-on, and making it clear this shit is no longer tolerable. The way we can make headway as a culture to stop Rape Culture is to popularize this struggle. To make it clear that society is not going to put up with this shit anymore. To get comics to realize that it’s not “edgy.” To get guys to realize that it’s not acceptable damage.

Look, I’m tired of being Angry Social Justice Girl. I want to go back to being Cheerful Carefree Artist Girl. I want to stop muttering under my breath at the movie theatre (Oooh, another movie about how Evil Desert People are trying to destroy us! That’s not exploiting a rift or marginalizing anyone!), I want to stop complaining about three out of every four commercials (“With this toothpaste, you won’t just be the ex, you’ll be the one that got away,” yeah fuck you), I want to enjoy comics without feeling less-than-human because I’m a short androgynous girl, not a massive-boobed rubber-spined stiletto-heeled long-haired pinup model (Do less-than-sex-objects girls even exist in comicsland?), I don’t want to be outraged.

I am so very, very tired of being angry. I wish that being happy and peaceful and politely asking people to please, thank you, maybe treat us a little more like human beings if you would kindly… worked. It doesn’t. That gets you a pat on the head.

This went on a lot longer than I intended, and I apologize. It’s just – the only reason it seems like this is a big cultural thing is because we’re here, surrounded by people who get it. The rest of the world is not so understanding. The rest of the world is indifferent, for the most part, and actively hostile at times. That has to change, and the only way it’s going to happen is if we refuse to back down when this stuff goes down.

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We still have far to go as civilization, when half the population is subject to shite like this.

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