Sadfaced millionaires and sadfaced billionaires are fighting it out right now about how to divide the outrageous plunder made in the National Hockey League.


The players in the NHL are overpaid.   Chasing a rubber disk around a rink should not be multi-millionaire territory.  I’m thinking important occupations that improve our society should get the big bucks, you know like doctors, scientists,engineers, educators, social workers et cetera; occupations that make a difference.

My solution to the NHL vs. NHLPA problem?
1.  No one makes over a million dollars.  Too bad so sad, you’re lucky to be paid for playing a game.

2. Profits from advertising/ticket sales/ concessions are capped at 15%.

3.The excess money goes back into developing the game at the grassroots and making it safer for all those involved.  From midget leagues on up, kids would have the best equipment and facilities to practice the great game of hockey.  Medical care for injured players and further medical research into common injuries would be fully funded in order to make the game safer and generally make the game better for all those involved.

4.  A retirement pension fund would also be established to help players retire/transition to other roles in society.

5.  Ticket prices would be reduced to make the game accessible to more people, while keeping the funding structure in place to support points 3 and 4.


The inflated greed that ruins the NHL  makes it unwatchable.  Wow! overpaid douche one just scored on overpaid douche two, oh the drama of it all.

Bringing hockey back to a reasonable level would be awesome, I’d watch hockey again because then truly it would be Canada’s national sport (kinda like Lacrosse which actually is Canada’s national sport).