Maybe we should update our preferred torture methods, hanging perhaps?

Our society is progressing ever so slowly (and will continue to do so if we don’t let the corporations win, restore the 25% tax rate please).  I often look to the politics and citizenry of Quebec for cues on progressive society and the model we should be working toward.   Progress does come in fits and starts, but the latest PQ notion of  a Secular Charter is a retrograde notion at its very best.

The Parti Québécois wants to introduce a secular charter and ban all civil servants from wearing or exposing overt religious symbols.

This isn’t the first time the Parti Québécois has mentioned the introduction of a secular charter aimed at making sure public and parapublic institutions are free of religious bias and symbols.

This part is good.  Government needs to be free of the stench of religion and all of the sectarian nonsense that comes with it.  The wider the wall between church and state, the better off society will be.   Spot the problem with this next bit from Pauline Marois:

“We will fight for what we need because we think this is essential for the public’s well-being by taking its values and writing them in a charter,” Marois said.Under such a charter, civil servants would not be allowed to wear conspicuous religious symbols. 

   The crucifix at Quebec’s national assembly, however, would remain untouched.

  Marois also talked about the fact that many of Quebec’s institutions used to be based on religion.It’s part of our heritage, but taking a step to ensure the state’s secularity is not to deny what we are, but that we are at a new moment in our lives and believe the state’s neutrality and the fundamental values, equality between men and women must guide us toward a life together in Quebec,” Marois said.

*broken record sound*   What phoque is going on with that?

We’ll keep our christian torture symbol prominently displayed in the national assembly, but the rest the religious stuff, you know you immigrants and your pagan practices…that shite has to go!

If you are going to adopt a secular charter then all of the religious bullshite has to go, you can’t keep the ones that you like and then say no to others citing “the secular nature of society” that is just discrimination of the racist sort and therefore has no place in progressive secular society.

Fits and starts I tell thee.  Come on Quebec, get it right and turf all the religious ooga-booga, it will do Quebec and Canada proud.