Islam, religion of Peace burns down American Embassy illustrating dedication to rational non-violent ways of resolving disputes.

This just in the from insano-delusional land (credit

“Many Muslims find it offensive to depict the Prophet Muhammad in any fashion, much less in an insulting way.

This week’s attacks on U.S. diplomatic outposts in Egypt and Libya, the latter of which claimed the lives of U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens and three others on Tuesday, erupted after a 14-minute trailer of an obscure movie by a California real-estate developer. The film was posted on YouTube in English and later in Egyptian Arabic.

Ultraconservative Islamists were suspected of being behind the attack in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi. Advocating a strict interpretation of Islam, they have bulldozed Sufi shrines and mosques that house tombs in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, and other cities, including ancient sites dating back to 5,000 years ago.”

So, like the danish cartoons, the publishing of this film somehow gives people the right to flip out the buttered insane fuck-crumpets and burn shit up and kill people? This is part of the trailer that has incensed the reality challenged.

Wow. This film ranks below Poolboy:Drowning out the Fury on my list of awful movies.

So, full marks for beating out PoolBoy, but not really a honour one should be striving toward. Let’s recap so far, some dude makes a crumby, ass-pustule of a flick and because it makes fun of your godhead of choice *you* get to kill people.

“The movie trailer depicts Muhammad as a fraud, a womanizer and a madman in an overtly ridiculing way, showing him having sex and calling for massacres. An amateur cast performs a wooden dialogue of insults disguised as revelations about Muhammad, whose obedient followers are presented as a cadre of goons. The film was being promoted by an extreme anti-Muslim Egyptian Christian campaigner in the United States, and was financed with the help of more than 100 Jewish donors according to Sam Bacile, who wrote and directed it.”

Yep.  I can totally see how shedding innocent blood is called for in cases like this.  Chris Stevens and three others were destined to give their lives to fanatics hepped up on righteous god-juice over a D-list movie.

Let me reiterate, religion is harmful to people and society if it is not kept in check by a strong secular state the kind of irrational bullshite that our muslim friends demonstrated in Libya happens.  Believing in magic and mythology for the nth time, has no place in the modern world.  We commit plenty of atrocities without the help of those who lose their shit when you depict their ooga-booga of choice.

Indeed, religion does poison everything it touches and creates the nightmare world which we striving to leave behind us.