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The RPOJ comes for thee DC.

The RPOJ comes for thee DC.

A previous encounter with this fine individual has inspired me to go to his blog and deconstruct all the vile shite that he churns out on semi-regular basis.  Douche-Canoe (DC) is a dyed in the wool homophobe, misogynist and whinger makes for some fantastic laughs as this prime MRA supplicant seeks to reaffirm his place in the manosphere.

This post, “Take hold of the Wheel” is the genesis of this particularly foul weed that seems to build, self-referentially (image someone pooping in the same spot over and over) on itself and as usual, no reference to facts or reality required.

But that is the basis of MRA mythology, constructing a skewed version of the world in which somehow the white dude is the persecuted minority.  This  shallow ploy reminds me of christian’s in the USA that do the same thing when their odious views are challenged.  In any case, no sympathy shall be offered to the “persecuted majority” only derision and scorn as their fatuous arguments are laid bare.  Unleash the Red Pen of Justice.

Let us begin.

“Three days ago I gently urged my weathered Ford down snow-covered roads on my way home from work. The fear and hysteria of other drivers stood out to me. [Fear and hysteria eh?  Oh! You’re setting up a crappy analogy, got it.] And then I wondered, how many actually practice “driving?” How many people associate skill behind the wheel with a necessary survival mechanism improving your chances of getting home safely [Reasonable people would assume that safe driving = getting home in one piece and thus a rational standard to strive toward, of course in shitty-analogy-land, simple, logical explanations, be damned! ]?  How many just associate it with F1 and street-racing?”

“Game” strikes many as a synonym for hookup culture, however, this is disingenuous [ as is most of what you write, “Game” is nothing more than treating women as objects and manipulating them into having sex with your sorry ass] as suggesting  that the skill of driving makes one a participant in race culture.”

In the 21st Century, a necessity for both arises out of the dangers of dealing with others [sentence with no subject is confusing, ignoring crappy construction]. With obstacles like the divorce court racket [citation needed, specifically how Divorce Court is a racket, oh and anecdata from other MRA whingers doesn’t count], the low societal standards for females [they seem high enough to know to stay the frak away from the likes of you; oh but I keep forgetting you have “game”, LOL.] , the feeling of entitlement for the average woman to a movie star husband [I think by this he means someone that will treat a woman with respect and care, but of course citation needed cause right now you’re just whinging out of your butthurt MRA arsehole], and the venomous atmosphere [*Sniff*, oh the cruel hard world in which you reside in a class that has every societal advantage, we should all share in Douche-Canoe’s pain] in which boys grow up the world has no shortage of dangers for men who wish to find a woman [Wow, you think that treating women like people was some sort of magical voodoo.  Pro-tip: show people respect and you’ll likely receive the same treatment in kind.  Of course that wouldn’t serve the poor me whinge-festival, now would it?] These are the potholes, slick roads and ice on our roads. How does one ensure his safety in a world of potential crashes? [Not acting like how you advocate is great place to start.] He learns. [Hopefully not from you, because unlearning BS is much harder than learning the proper way in the first place.]

Some men learn through experience: watching, listening and observing the movements of others on the road seeing what leads to safe passage or fatal crashes. Others study vigorously from experts until they too have the skills necessary to provide comfort and safety in the volatile environment of the road.

But for every man who has skill behind the wheel, several dozen sad men sit slumped in defeat [Err…or they don’t have licenses]. They never learned to drive; they never paid attention to the road [They never embraced the patriarchal nonsense you espouse, lucky them]. They took it for granted as something natural that needed no thought. They took the television and film portrayals of it as Gospel truth [Our culture is rife with patriarchal messages and memes, so I’m not really sure what you’re referring to, but then again neither are *you* since you habitually make shit up.].

And now the sad reality: if you did not learn by experience or have a skilled teacher, you are doomed to crash [Hello, driving lessons!!  But there I go again being oblivious to the deep subtleties of this analogy.  DC is inferring that if you don’t have someone to act as your douche-yoda, “trouble you are in”.] . Not if, but when. Sincere danger [as opposed to insincere danger? DC’s  fabulous word-smithing demonstrates an exemplary command of the language] whisks past on either side and surrounds us. Perhaps the greatest danger rests in the sheer ignorance and denial of this reality [You are, by far, a qualified expert on ignorance and denial of reality] by pacified drivers, the willful ignorant [see previous statement of mine].

The clouds gather over the West and flurries fall. Soon all men[because you have the authority to speak for all men?] behind the wheel without
some semblance of skill will wish they could learn[Learning to be a douche?  Why not learn compassion, empathy and respect for others, it will take you much farther than the hate being preached.]. The young men are watching the crashes of their fathers, uncles and bosses. They’re not buying the 50-year feminist lie anymore[citation needed of the great lie perpetrated by the evil feminist hoards; or did you mean the funny notion that women are people too?]. Thankfully, we get more new driving instructors every day with a red pill prescription in hand [Which sounds an awful lot like whinging and blaming women for your failing at life] for the curious.

The Manosphere [Is the manosphere kinda like Thunderdome?  Two whiners go in, one whiner comes out?  Can we make bets on this fun game?] is about to get a slew of applicants for Gender Studies 101[Clearly, because learning how not to be a douche is obviously the wrong way to go about things].

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