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stupidburningThe abject fuckwittery of some people never fails to astonish.  Somewhere in the universe the being in charge of giving clues just died a little on the inside.  I shall deal only with the header from this particular cesspool of a blog.  We’ll just file this under I’ll pull remarkably erroneous shit out of my ass and whinge about it in public ad nauseam.

Feminism – denotes women who want to be men and who act in a totally unfeminine manner, so feminism is the opposite of its definition.

This construction made entirely of straw seems to be the guiding principle of what this clueless individual goes on about. The only thing missing in this particular site is multicolour flashing html tags to really drive home the point.

Feminism is the movement toward equality in our patriarchal society for women. Not women wanting to be men, not cats sleeping dogs, not ants drinking coffee and demanding artificial sweetener and most certainly NOT the devil dancing the Watusi on my front lawn (he cuts a mean rug FWIW).

Somedays, it just isn’t my job to combat the stupid on the internet.

Arbourist, out.



You know what makes religion go away?  Discussing it and teasing out how amazingly toxic it is for people in modern society.  Where is the CBC on this media front?  We  in Canada desperately need a platform to talk about the tough issues that face our societies.  Lawrence Krauss slams religion publicly and defends his point of view with great alacrity.  We need more of this, so much more.

Women acting in solidarity are powerful. Taking ’empowering’ actions like bolstering prostitution and rape culture…no so much.

Anti-Porn Feminists

Inspiring story from India, where a group of women from a slum have grouped together to learn self defense and to challenge, violently when necessary, the epidemic levels of sexual harassment and violence women in their community face every day.

It’s worth making a comparison between this, and two recent popular movements in the West. ‘Slut Walks’ tried to challenge rape culture largely by ‘reclaiming’ the word ‘slut’ and giving young, middle class white women the opportunity to have some naughty dress-up fun, and has been almost entirely co-opted by the sex industry. Challenging rape culture, and ‘reclaiming’ ‘slut’ are two separate, and largely incompatible things, and it’s main achievement seems to have been to create a means for sex industry advocates to propagandise to young, impressionable women who’s idea of feminism doesn’t extend beyond ’empowerment’ and ‘choice’.

The other if Femen, who are women activists who get…

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