“Perpetrators of SA [Sexual Assault] tend to adhere to traditional gender-role stereotypes, especially with respect to the acceptance of male dominance, acceptance of rape-supportive myths, acceptance of interpersonal violence as a means of conflict resolution, and hostility toward women. These beliefs develop at an early age and come from many sources, usually other men. The extent to which men adhere to such beliefs is sometimes termed the hyper-masculinity factor.”

—Edited by Paula K. Lunderberg-Love & Shelly L. Marmion, “Intimate Violence Against Women: When Spouses, Partners or Lovers Attack.” Praeger Publishers, 2008. (p. 62)

Hmm, Male dominance, rape supportive myths, violent conflict resolution and hostility toward women – it is like the authors just defined the Man-o-sphere.

*Bonus update*

Oh hey, another shining example of  “MRA activism”.   Keep in mind, it makes perfect sense to them.

Our noble human rights warriors recently decided that they would spam Occidental College with false rape reports.

Indeed, a host of Men’s Rights Redditors were so convinced of the innate evil of the online form they all had the same bright idea: let’s flood the school with false reports of rape and break the form.

Wait, aren’t these the same dudes who are outraged by false rape accusations?

Oh right, they only think it’s an issue when hypothetical women make false rape accusations.

When it’s a hate group full of straight white men actually making the false rape accusations, that’s men’s rights activism.

MRAs do not care about helping men. They only care about hurting women.

Behold dear readers the dark swirling maw of MRA stupidity.  :Let it be known that the only constant you can count on is misogyny.