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What most abortions look like.

What most abortions look like.

Having laid down the smack on this forced-birther, he then laments being called on his misogyny and fundamental disrespect for the female portion of the species.  This is Red Pen of Justice Territory folks.

Before he gets deep into the anti-choice bullcookery we detour into his deep important thoughts about the Olympics and human rights.  Let’s see what he has to say.

“No religion but Christianity can support them[human rights].  (Atheism certainly can’t, as is becoming increasingly apparent.”

Oh wow… christianity the saviour of human rights, but only if you happen to be a white heterosexual male.   Hmmm,women…submit to your husbands (because submission has everything to do with human rights) and heaven forbid if you are a homosexual.  Oh you’ll be burning forever in hell?  Atheists – have you made fun of the holy ghost?  See you in hell too.  The love of jebus is thick in the air, I can feel it!

We’ll skip the philosophical wanking and get down to what makes this religiously deluded liberal dude such enemy to women and and their rights.

“Talking about abortion as a right “to choose” or a right to “have bodily autonomy” is flagrant misrepresentation.”

Yes, those noises women make when defending their rights – just “misrepresentations”.

“I don’t have the right to choose to kill someone else.  My rights over my body don’t give me the right to kill someone else’s body.”

Funny how badly forced birthers argue are when trying to be all moral and prescriptive.  Of course, when it is not their body and their rights being effected, the holy jack boots of jebus are forcefully applied, despite reason and logic.

    We here in civilized society prize bodily autonomy – the use of my organs by another is by my consent or not at all.  Of course, being christian he and his god have no problem with slavery, so slavery for women is a-okay because Mr.Noble High Horse is preserving life, all the while taking a shit women and their rights. 

    I do love the smell of religious hypocrisy in the morning. 

“Abortion advocates mostly know this though, so they try to portray the fetus as being somehow less than a “someone else.”  Human rights are intended precisely to protect people from that sort of move. “

Well when legal and medical experts define someone as alive, you know like possessing brain function, which a fetus does not possess for a good part of its growth cycle, then we can talk about human rights.  Medical facts aside, we don’t let other adults with full humanity dictate how our organs are used so…Mr.fetus you seem to be straight out of luck. 

“We don’t get to say that someone else doesn’t count, we don’t get to say that someone else doesn’t deserve rights, we don’t get to set standards about whom we protect and whom we abuse. “

Wow.  Much morality.  Much pretense.  Little connection withe real world.  Go try your little speech to someone in Afghanistan or Iraq, or anyone in Central America they will tell you how much American’s value “life”  and what they do to preserve the sanctity of it.   My god man, you must bathe in naivety, to make such blithely arrogant pronouncements such as these.

    We say who counts and who doesn’t count.  Ask any black person in America as to how much they “count” and how many rights they have and if they are treated the same as you.  In your “christian” nation under god seems to be just brimming with equality for all! 

No.  We’re not taken in easily as you.  Your magical whitewashing of the world and morality might be fine for churchy-churchy time and your churchy-church friends, but outside the jebus-bubble in this place commonly termed as, reality, facts matter.  The world is much more complex that your simple moral prescriptions and you can’t handwave-away the geopolitical reality we inhabit no matter what your sky-daddy says.   

So, take your pious moralizing and settle it firmly back in your church,where I’m sure your illusive bullshite makes perfect sense and has a receptive audience.  

“The last few posts I’ve tried to be objective and rational. “

Couldn’t fool me.  Charity?  WTF is that?  

“They throw around deliberately inflammatory terms like “forced birth” and “a woman’s right to her body,” so that people react emotionally and don’t notice the treachery. “

Ah! Women, when speaking up for their rights demanding to be treated as human beings as opposed to incubators, are actually making ‘inflammatory statements’.  Your fainting couch has arrived, please use it at the first available opportunity.

“They deliberately cloud the issue so that people won’t think about it. “

 So sayeth the prophet from the side that regularly lies about medical facts such as stages of foetal development, pregnancy, and effects of abortion on women.  I imagine that makes you quite the expert on clouding the issue, no? 

Suddenly it’s not death, it’s liberty.  They trick us into thinking that maybe the human beings we abandon don’t actually matter.”

Oh, you mean like the women you conveniently erase while pining for a forced birth dystopia.  Yeah-no, your fetus-fetish stinks from here and can only be seen as hatred toward women and their status as human beings. 

“God help us.  God help the ones we won’t help.  God give them peace and a home with a Father that won’t reject them and leave them in the clutches of a monster.We ought to be willing to die to save them.  What have we become?”

Yes, I think you should pray a lot more.  Significantly more, maybe so much more than you won’t have time to post your misogynistic forced birth opinions on the interwebs and save me the time of refuting your mendacity. 

Our high priestess Fiona issues her decree’s from the bean bag chair she just recently colonized.

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