Lashing   Dear Religious people,

Have you thanked your local atheist today?  If not, you should because atheism and by extension secular society, is saving you from the immoral loopy shit your bronze age beliefs demand.   The latest demonstration of how immoral and barbaric religion is comes to us from the Sudan. (read more about Mariam at Al Jazeera)

“Mariam Yehya Ibrahim, a Sudanese mother, doctor and Christian, has been sentenced to flogging and death unless she recants her Christian faith. She is 8 months pregnant and has a two-year-old son. Please, join the international community in asking  Sudan not to execute her for being a Christian.”


You “go hard” there Islam – the religion of peace and friend to women across the globe.

“Ibrahim is charged with adultery on the grounds that her marriage to a Christian man from South Sudan is considered void under Shari’a law, for which the penalty is flogging. She’s also charged with apostasy, or abandonment of religion, for which the penalty is death.”

Well you can see the problem here, obviously, that if you decide to change from one fatuous belief system to another, the penalty is death.  Funny we don’t hear about these sorts of things in North America.  You can thank god that the United States wasn’t founded as christian nation – if it was, this sort of egregious crime against humanity would be common place in the lower 48 all the time.

You know why it isn’t?  (hint: rhymes with ‘Fecularism’)

The very secular foundations of society that the christian right is chipping away at are the very same foundations that are preserving the “not-allowing-stupid-religious-shit-to-go-down” haven that Americans inhabit.

Witness the fucking evilly deranged face of theocratic rule and tell me that this is what you want for your society?  Getting a little closer to god gets you a little closer to barbarity.   How depraved must one be, in the pursuit of a religious based  society, to somehow think that theocratic rule is good?

“Mariam is the daughter of a Christian woman and Muslim man.  She was raised Christian after her father left.  However, Sudanese law mandates that children born to Muslim fathers are considered Muslim.

The fact that a woman could be sentenced to death for her religious choice, and to flogging for being married to a man of an allegedly different religion is abhorrent.” 

This does NOT happen in modern secular society.

Your pious objections to secularism are noted; you can now sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up and think about the good that secularism has done for you and your freedom to believe in vacuous mythology of your choice.   Maybe, just maybe, instead of campaigning for and electing people with ‘good christian values’ you could decide to support someone that is defending your very (comfortable) way of life, here in reality, where it matters.

Continue to erode the secular aegis at your own peril.

Lastly, get off your damn knees, stop praying, and go do something useful for once –  sign the petition to save Mariam’s life.