Domestic violence is an issue that deserves more time in the basket labeled “things society cares about.”  I am only one generation removed from a time when women were widely thought as of the property of their fathers, then their husbands.   Then Radical Feminism got into the mix and started to analyze, deconstruct and protest this unacceptable situation. Andrea Dworkin from Women Hating Right and Left:


Putting ideas and concepts together so that they can be shared, and more importantly passed on, to the next generation is so frightfully important, yet it is not being done.  I did not even know about Andrea Dworkin and her writing till very recently.  Outside of a few tumblr’s and few Woman’s Studies courses that haven’t drunk too much of 3rd wave kool-aid you just won’t find mention of one of the key figures in feminist history.

I’ve read a lot of Dworkin and sometimes it is really all over the place, but at others (see the above quote) she focuses in like a laser to give words and then understanding to the the problems facing women.  Dworkin’s insights must be handed down and shown to the next generation(s) of women – lest we invoke another historical chestnut – those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it blah blah blah.

Are we repeating?


I’d like to see in my time the quote from above (and others like it) get into the history books and stay there.