Eleven new horses have come into care at Rescue 100.  Their pictures are up on their facebook page, but not on the website yet.  There are two stallions, seven mares, and two foals.  Of course, they were all running together; a couple of the mares look really pregnant and probably they all of them are.  These horses are in comparatively not-too-bad condition – they all need their hooves done, and you can see a bit of boniness even through some of their thick winter coats, but compared to some of the animals who have come through just about on death’s door from starvation, these are healthy.  The mares without foals are ready for placement immediately; the stallions will be available as soon as they have been gelded, and the foals will be available once they’re weaned.

Here is on of the mare/foal pairs; I’ll show you more pony pictures in the upcoming weeks.


The colt has one blue eye, which you can kindof see in this picture. So shaggy!

And look at his mama’s adorable freckled face!