Let's keep the magical thinking out of schools.

Let’s keep the magical thinking out of schools.

Let’s be upfront.  The demographic situation in Alberta in the days gone past dictated that we have two school boards.  Keeping the religious happy was much higher on up on the agenda in the 20th century.  I get that.

It is, however, the 21st century.  Religious cotton-brained ideas and the accompanying adherence to magical thinking should have no place in a secular society.

As a teacher I find it distasteful that fellow members of my profession are actively teaching ‘magic-as-reality’ to naive children who look to teachers as a secure attachment point and reliable source of information.  It boggles the mind.

Let’s scrap the ‘separate’ school system and worry about giving a meaningful learning experience to all children – not just the ones that are lucky enough to go to public school.