Speaking of music most likely to get you killed while driving…  Here’s what I must never listen to in the car.  Not while driving because it could get me killed, and not as a passenger because it could get me committed.  I air-conduct.  I air-bass-drum.  And I sing along.  The dynamic marking is fff and the top note is G#5, and that is a powerful note for me, and I bring it.

Crank up your audio, hang onto your butts, and have a listen:

Singing in the Verdi Requiem has been one of the top musical highlights of my whole life so far.  Being in the middle of the action in the Dies Irae  is an amazing not only sonic, but physical, sensation.  In the performance I did, the percussionist had two bass drums and hit one with each hand, and you could feel it through the floor.  The conductor said to us choristers, “There’s no way I’m telling the orchestra to hold back dynamically at this part, you’ll just have to be louder.”  So we were.  Goddam folks.  And holy fuck.  We leaped to our feet at the first beat of the bass drum, and we breathed as one, and we were glorious.

Bottom line: if you ever get the chance to hear the Verdi Requiem live, do it.  You don’t have to believe any of the text to have your socks knocked off.