Greetings and good day fair readership!

luggage.   I have the very good fortune of being able to travel to Iceland on a trip with my choir.  Thus, my regular blogular activities shall not be pursued by myself.  However, the rest of the DWR team is stepping up to fill the gap.  The Intransigent One, Mystrox and Bleatmop will take the mantle of convivial hosting in my absence so expect minimal disruption in the coming week. :)


I endeavor to do my best representing Alberta’s amateur choral community.  Take care everyone, and play nice with the other admins here on DWR.


Arbourist out.

   Waterfalls - Apparently they are a thing in Iceland.

Waterfalls – Apparently they are a popular venue in Iceland.  If I have internet access, I’ll be posting some hopefully boffo pictures of my own.