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Greetings and good day fair readership!

luggage.   I have the very good fortune of being able to travel to Iceland on a trip with my choir.  Thus, my regular blogular activities shall not be pursued by myself.  However, the rest of the DWR team is stepping up to fill the gap.  The Intransigent One, Mystrox and Bleatmop will take the mantle of convivial hosting in my absence so expect minimal disruption in the coming week. :)


I endeavor to do my best representing Alberta’s amateur choral community.  Take care everyone, and play nice with the other admins here on DWR.


Arbourist out.

   Waterfalls - Apparently they are a thing in Iceland.

Waterfalls – Apparently they are a popular venue in Iceland.  If I have internet access, I’ll be posting some hopefully boffo pictures of my own. 

Children will be my downfall.  I contracted a thoroughly wretched virus exactly one week ago.  It has been kicking my ass all over the place as of late.  Thus, posting might be a bit thin for awhile as any thoughts past drinking tea and staying warm seem quite far away at the moment.


Oh? Upgrades at DWR?

Morning Folks,

I’ve been mulling over how to format the comments on the blog and have recently decided to try the unnested comment format, so when you reply to a comment, you will have to quote who you are talking to or simply use a @username to be clear as to whom you’re replying to. Handy html for additional comment clarity is use of the [blockquote,/blockquote] tag.

We’ll see how it goes, and of course, if nesting comments really made the blog for you let me know, I may put one level back in, but no more as it gets a little silly after that.


What do you get when you cross moving to a new house, getting a new dog and still working fulltime?  Yes, sadly you guessed it a light blogging week.   Please accept my apologies, but unpacking is eating up all of my time thus the posts this week barring any works from the DWR stable of writers, are going to be short and sweet.  This fine Victoria day, please sit back and enjoy some humour at the expense of our beloved conservative government.


    Greetings gentle readers, it is that time of year again when my professional and academic interests overlap.  A nice way of saying that between being a teacher during the day and now also a student during the night, the amount of time I have to blog will be reduced dramatically.  The posts from me will be less frequent but I hope my fellow commentators Mystro and Intransigentia can take up a little of the blogging slack.   I will make sure the DWR Sunday disservice continues though, I’ve been having way too much fun with that as of late and would hate to see it go away.

Your readership and commenting is appreciated, carry on.


Hello.  This opening post will hopefully be the first of many that will cover a broad range of topics that interest me and that I care about.  My views would be considered left of center overall and I approach most issues from that point of  view.

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you again.

The Arbourist.

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