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Greetings folks,

Insulation upgrades at homebase have thrown my routines and house into chaos.

Rest assured, I will be getting things sorted as soon as possible so DWR can get back on track.



The Arbourist


blogging   This is but a pale shadow of a New Year’s Resolutions List.  I’m not into NYR’s because the psychology behind NYR’s pretty much dooms the person to failure.

Think of our habits, both bad and good, as grooves on a phonographic record.  One does not simply scratch the needle out of the old behaviour groove and into another new one expecting the new groove to be as comfortable and worn as the old set of behaviours.

It just does not happen (in regular circumstances).

So rather than go about announcing sweeping changes and what not, I intend this year to smooth a few more grooves here and there, lay down the base for a few new ones and continue forging the small changes I’d like so see happen with regards to my blogular activities.

So yeah, in terms of blogtacular goodness, I intend to continue to forge the idea that women, indeed, are people too and deserve all of the rights and benefits that come with being thought of as fully human in society.  I intend to continue the analysis of the downward spiral of crony-capitalism that is currently plaguing Canada, and show how social democratic ideas can be used to make this country a better place.  I’ll continue to call out and mock the shit-for-brains people on the internet who jangle my SIWOTI nerve to the nth degree.  I’ve got a new irony-meter for Xmas, so we’ll see how long the “new and improved” model will last.

What I’d like to move toward in blogging in the next year is to see more pieces from the zesty nest of authors here at DWR.  Most of the gentle readers here are familiar with my opinions by now and how I generally look at issues – fresh insight from The Intransigent One, Mystro and Bleatmop would be welcome additional variety to the crusty second-wave dirge I usually follow.  I think we should talk about anything we would like to share with the internets – Gaming, crotcheting, tech stories, pretty much anything is fair game – let’s try and run the gamut this year of things we can be biasedly opinionated on.

That’s all for now.  :)



    Greetings gentle readers, it is that time of year again when my professional and academic interests overlap.  A nice way of saying that between being a teacher during the day and now also a student during the night, the amount of time I have to blog will be reduced dramatically.  The posts from me will be less frequent but I hope my fellow commentators Mystro and Intransigentia can take up a little of the blogging slack.   I will make sure the DWR Sunday disservice continues though, I’ve been having way too much fun with that as of late and would hate to see it go away.

Your readership and commenting is appreciated, carry on.


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