social-norms-300x225“The effect of chivalry then is to reinforce sex roles, a system geared to the creation of dominant males and submissive females. Students in our “Psychology of Women” classes have routinely argued that the act of a man opening a door for a woman has nothing to do with sexism it’s simply one person being polite to another. If they are right, then men should feel complimented when women (and men) open doors for them. To test this presumption, we ask the women in the class to open doors for men and the men to wait at doors until a woman opens the door for them. We also ask them to record the responses they receive. (we also ask that you the reader do the same). The women learn that there is a sizable minority of men that refuses to go through a door held open for them by a woman, becoming irate if the woman insist on “just being polite.” Even more insulting to men is when a man opens a door for another man. We have to ask ourselves then, why are men insulted when women and/or men open doors for him? The conclusion can only be that the man that is allowing the door to be opened for him is then forced into the role of being passive and thereby forcing him in the role as “female” and this is perceived by the man as demeaning.


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