I love this piece and in my deepest and darkest piano dreams I’d be able to play it. :)

The prelude is organized into three main parts and a coda:

  • The piece opens with a three note motif at fortissimo which introduces the grim C-sharp minor tonality that dominates the piece. The cadential motif repeats throughout. In the third bar, the volume changes to a piano pianissimo for the exposition of the theme.
  • The second part is propulsive and marked Agitato (agitated), beginning with highly chromatic triplets. This passionately builds to interlocking chordal triplets that descend into a climactic recapitulation of the main theme, this time in four staves to accommodate the volume of notes. Certain chords in the section are marked with quadruple sforzando.
  • The piece closes with a brief seven-bar coda which ends quietly.
4 staves? Jesus...

4 staves? Jesus…