I really like this song.  Here’s the problem though, try singing it in the same key that JBJ does.  Here is the lead sheet and let’s observe the melodic patterns that are going on in this song.

Blaze of glory

Those black dots keep going up higher on the staff. Damn you JBJ

Male vocal singing comes roughly in three flavours, Bass, Baritone and Tenor.  The first highlighted note (E) will raise the eyebrows of most bases.  It lies near the upper limit of where they can beautifully sing.  Baritones (lazy tenors) are still well within their zone of comfort, however even they are pressed to produce the next series of notes (G).  Of course JBJ doesn’t stop there and goes well into tenor territory with long passage of high notes (A’s).  The general melodic tendency in this song is a ever increasing ascension of the C major scale.  But wait, it get’s better.

If you listen to the song, you’ll notice the music presented here is only the intro and the intro builds into even a higher chorus.  We’re now in the famously high C territory of Pavarotti and other classical singing masters.  Let me assure you, gentle readers, High C territory is the undiscovered country for many tenors – as a amateur singing I have only once ventured into this land – it was rough and harsh encounter, let me assure you.  Yet JBJ bashes out high notes like no ones business.

You may not like Bon Jovi, but one should at least appreciate the musicianship that goes into vocal production of this calibre.