Back in 2012, Arb and I got married, bought a house, and adopted a dog, all within the space of three months.  When we took possession of the house, there really wasn’t time to paint.  Which was a shame, because the previous owners had done the place in a very tasteful, marketable, beigey earth-tone scheme.  It was so not us.  Last week, we made our beach-head against beige, and redid the bedroom!  Before, it was a sickly grey-green colour:


Originally, I wanted to change it to a soft, greyish lavender.


Arb vetoed that: “We’re not going to all that work, to change one boring neutral into another!”

Well.  Go big or go home then.  How about the purplest purple that ever purpled?

Arb was all over that idea!  We decided on “Purplicious” from Benjamin Moore.  So last week I took some vacation time, and we made our bedroom, really ours!

We painted:


We finally got the nice bed we’d been pining for:


And it was promptly colonized by the White Cat:


And we got doors for our wardrobe!  No more cat nests in our dress slacks! Here’s a selfie from our cozy bed, in the wardrobe mirrored doors, showing the cozy purple walls.


OMG the wardrobe doors, gentle readers.  When you assemble Ikea furniture, the screws have to line up with the pre-drilled holes. These didn’t quite. And the doors were heavy and awkward and fragile and had to be held just so to be able to get any holes to line up – which of course put other holes out of alignment… I got so angry trying to get the screws into the mismatched holes, that I said words I never say.  And of course, on the last door (there are four), we figured out an easier way of maneuvering that didn’t require any anger or aggression at all.

Our marriage has now survived the Assembling Ikea Furniture Test, and the Picking a Bedroom Colour Test!