(I’m writing this early in the week, for publication Friday.  I’m dreading coming back and editing this list…)

and Garissa, Kenya; Yola, Nigeria

and all the places being terrorized by “our” side…

Gustav Mahler wrote his song cycle Kindertotenlieder, Songs on the Death of Children, over a century ago, a setting of five (out of over 400) poems written by Friedrich Rückert some sixty years earlier, in reaction to the death of two of his children from scarlet fever.

Now the sun wants to rise as brightly

Now the sun wants to rise as brightly
as if nothing terrible had happened during the night.
The misfortune had happened only to me,
but the sun shines equally on everyone.
You must not enfold the night in you.
You must sink it in eternal light.
A little star went out in my tent!
Greetings to the joyful light of the world.