A helpful guide to assessing if you’re ‘with the program’ or not.  Many thanks to WitWitch for the post.


“How do you know if your argument is feminist? Well, check out the basic core beliefs of feminism. Does your argument support these beliefs?

The value of women is inherent because we are human beings. Males do not assign us our value.

  • women do not lose value based on their appearance
  • women do not lose value based on how much sex we have had
  • women do not lose value based on our marital status or sexual orientation or number of children or ability to give birth or any other male system of objectification and commodification of our bodies
  • women are not “bitches” or “cunts” or “sluts” or “whores” or any other label men come up with to denote that we are subhuman and have decreased in value because of a lack of obedience to them

Women are people. Our bodies exist for us. They do not exist for male consumption. Our bodies deserve respect.

  • women NEVER owe men access to our bodies
  • women NEVER owe men sex
  • we do not exist to provide men with children
  • periods are natural and not offensive
  • our bodies are not inherently shameful
  • we deserve to be educated about our bodies
  • males should not control or own female bodies
  • we do not need to conform our bodies to male imposed beauty standards
  • our natural body hair is not offensive

Women are not naturally ““feminine”“ there is no such thing as a “lady brain” because women are not mentally inferior to men.

  • femininity is a social construct forced on women at birth
  • the idea of what is “feminine” is created by men and imposed on women against our will
  • gender does not come from inside of us, it is not natural
  • we suffer punishment ranging from social consequences to male violence for not conforming to male feminine ideals
  • brain plasticity is a thing
  • socialization exists and is real
  • how you are raised and treated by society affects how you act and behave, your thoughts, ideas, and opinions and actions
  • people are born as a blank slate personality wise, and develop who we are based on our surroundings and how we react to them and the consequences of how we reacted, etc.. Life events are important.

Male is not the default setting for human being.

  • “equality” is giving a fish and a bird the same set of standards

  • women need liberation from male supremacy, not a place within it where we can continue to perpetuate harmful male supremacist values such as “might makes right”

  • the capability of physical violence does not make someone superior to another person, especially in a species whose primary evolutionary advantage is our brains

  • female reality is important and should be weighed with the same consideration and respect given to male reality–femaleness is not a handicap just because our capabilities are different from those of men

  • women should be able to live entirely independent of men

  • women’s capabilities need to be respected, the things women can do well need to be valued, rather than telling women we need to do things that men value

  • the things men can out perform us on (such as sports) do not make men more valuable human beings than women

  • the things men can do are not inherently more valuable than what women can do”