1.  If misogyny was only just “hatred of the feminine” a supposedly mystic state of being rather than oppressive norms, women could opt out at any time by simply not conforming. This is so clearly and painfully untrue almost as if… Sex-based oppression exists

1a.  When I choose not to perform femininity out in public, the world still knows I am female. Men know what my body looks like no matter how I try to conceal and disguise it. They know my sex, my sex is female, and no matter how I identify or present myself, I will be harassed, solicited for sex, at risk of assault, and oppressed in public because I am female. This is sex-based oppression. The world doesn’t care how I identify. I have a body and my body is female and nothing I can do will stop it from happening, even if you deny sex-based oppression just please know that it is currently happening to me and it will keep happening to me regardless of how this might interfere with your political belief that sex and gender can be wholly divorced from one another (they *should be* does not mean they are).

-Found on wombynprivilege.tumblr.com