Did you need your daily LoLsob, well check out the headless women of hollywood tumblr and bathe in the cool waters of women decapitated, anatomized and passively portrayed for the male gaze. Misogyny, fresh from the pop cultural centre of the universe, to you, faithful readership. Whoo-haa….:/

And dudes, do note the link regarding the inevitable WATM outcry. Please follow and read it; save us both some time. :)

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“The point is (of course) not that every poster we see objectifies and fragments female bodies. The point is that many do and that cutting up female bodies into consumable, sexualized parts is such an accepted and standard marketing practice across the board – people tend not to even notice.

It is something that is not done to men in the same way, but that is not dismissing problems that face men. It is merely focusing on a specific problem that affects women.  (See: http://headlesswomenofhollywood.com/post/143241005563/headlesswomenofhollywood-what-about-the)

Even for movies that already objectify women as their main purpose (which maybe one day won’t be an entire genre??????) by cutting off the head of the woman on the poster, the dehumanization of her body is taken a step further. And her pleasure and consent are taken completely out of the equation.”