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Our river valley in Edmonton is particularly amazing during the fall.

Hey folks, just contemplating on the gradual change in the weather here.  Summer has had her last gasp and now the parade of crisp mornings and cool afternoons has begun.  Autumn is my favourite season, especially once we’ve had a killing frost or two, as it cleans the damn mosquitoes right up.

Now begins the ritual of trying to ascertain whether it too cold for to go out in shorts or not each morning.  My reasoning is thus – we here in Alberta have the potential for a very long winter season from October to March most years and that, dear friends, is entirely to long a spell to exclusively wearing pants.

I do have limits, usually -5 centigrade is the lowest I’ll go before I shelf the shorts and bring up the long pants for the autumnbirks1winter.  The other wardrobe factor, of course is the hated closed toe shoes (we won’t mention the socks either :P).  We hates them and will put off the transition for as long as safely possible.  The Birkenstocks stay on till there is more than a centimetre of snow that stays on the ground (stuff that falls and melts doesn’t count:) ), till then, the sweet freedom of sandals reign supreme.

Other concerns include getting the back to school work schedule down, making time for piano and voice practice and getting the yard and car ready for the long dark cold ahead.   This year though, I think we’re going to add lights to our backyard fence that will really brighten the winter nights. :)  It should be all good, and as an added benefit more light to see the frozen dog poo that needs collecting. :)







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