We are on ‘easy-mode’ today as hollywood movie posters are not exactly puzzles wrapped in mystery shrouded in illusion – when it comes to illustrating the faint glow and hum of the patriarchal superstructure of the society we inhabit.

Well here we have the standard Avengers movie poster.  Everyone in their heroic pose, but something is a little different for Black Widow.  It seems, somehow (*gasp*) that some of her superpowers must come from displaying a well defined tuckus to the gaze of the viewer.

Is anyone else showing off their super-tuckus?  Evidently not.



Through the magic of the internet, let us witness a great equalization, and redraw our poster.


And there we have it.  Butt-power for all.  Now tell me again about how equal society is and how we need to move past these tired and dusty feminists concepts like patriarchy and sexism…