“womanhood should be important to feminists. why are we not allowed to find strength in speaking about the oppression we have endured since birth? why must we pause conversations about overcoming the shame we feel surrounding our bodies, the trauma and pain of our biology, the socialized submission and inferiority we had to unlearn, and whimper to the only-out-on-tumblr, treated-as-male-every-day trans woman but of course, i’m not the ultimate authority. my womanhood is no less valid than yours.

if womanhood is not the experience of being treated as a woman in a patriarchal society – ie, people who have not had the experience of being recognised as women and so have never been treated accordingly are given equal space and equal weight to their opinions – then what is womanhood?

what are women?

without a non-circular definition, and the constant ‘broadening’ of the category of woman (as if we are the ones who are narrow minded and must learn to accept non-conformity!) what is a woman’s experience? what are women’s issues?

(some vintage daisybeam content from way back when i was still incredulous that womanhood was being erased and somehow i had never noticed, up until the moment it became impossible to stop noticing)”

[Source: so good]