Feminist Post election throw down.

The Burning Times of Vesper Woolf

When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross. ~ Sinclair Lewis

Today, Wednesday November 9, 2016, America is a failure in democracy. A month after “pussy-gate,” Donald Trump, the misogynist currently scheduled for two trial dates – fraud (Trump University) and the alleged rape of a thirteen year old girl – is the president-elect. Today, America is a winner only in absurdist reality TV. Trump voters elected the most popular misogynist in the western hemisphere. Our country had the opportunity to make history. We failed. China, Ireland, Indonesia, India, Turkey – countries considered less enlightened than our United States – have all had female heads of state.

Initially, Hillary Clinton wasn’t my first choice for this election. In fact, this was the first election in which my husband and myself had ever volunteered and campaigned. We were both on our…

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