I post this video every year, and every year it manages to evoke a slightly different reaction in me. This time it was the dialogue between the President (oh to have a president like Jed Bartlet) and Toby.

Bartlet: If we start pulling strings like this you don’t think every homeless veteran is going to start coming out of the woodwork?

Toby: I can only hope, sir…*poignant stare*

Find the courage to act and help others when it is ‘wrong’ officially is a skill we should all learn and nurture in ourselves and others. Jed (and everyone watching) knows the right-wrongnesss of Toby’s actions and the shoulder pat confirms that there is right in the world, that stands outside all of the bullshit and appearances and necessary conventions.

Look for those circumstances (and give the shoulder pat of course) in the upcoming year friends, I guarantee the world will be a slightly better place because of your actions.