I’m so very lucky to have such a sharp feminist commentariate here at DWR (thanks for leaving this comment, Meg).  Along with the informative nuanced discussion, gems like this crop up and are too good not be shared.  Can I get a ‘society doesn’t give two shits about your special gender feels’ for $200, Alex?

Let’s get this straight.  This isn’t about hating on or disparaging individual trans people, it never has been.  My contention, since I was first exposed to trans ideology and transactivsm (aka MRA activism) has been this – other people’s subjective beliefs do not/should not dictate my reality.   I’ve been an atheist, since forever, and brook no shit when it comes to religious claims about religious interpretations of  reality and how society should be.  If you keep your theological mumbo-jumbo and bullshit practices to yourself and don’t impose them on others then things are great – you have ALL of my blessings to freely waste your own life as you see fit. If praying to invisible sky-fairies and following the ‘bestest’ 2000 year old wisdom from the high moral vanguard of the sheep-herding class is your ‘jam’…

Knock yourself out.

The instant you think that I should get behind your bronze age fuckwagon of stupid ideas – then we have a problem.   Your sincere religious beliefs and identity have exactly fuck-all to do with material factual reality and thus precisely zero to do with how I should view the world.

The claims of transactivists – that feelings transcend observable reality (generally speaking) – are in the exact same category of the religious who believe in omnipotent skyfairies.  If you think you can change your biological sex by adopting the patriarchal toxic gender stereotypes that are currently (have been for thousands of years) oppressing women in our society then again, my answer is easy.

Knock yourself out.

The instant you think I (or any feminist worth their salt) should give any weight to your subjectively personal gender fuckwagon of stupid contradictory ideas – then we have a problem.

There is nothing wrong in disagreeing with ideas and ideology that are at odds with reality.  If your ideology doesn’t hold up under criticism, then the problem is with your ideology, not the people pointing out the (obvious) flaws in it.

The quote that follows illustrates precisely the reality transactivists refuse to acknowledge.  The treatment they receive in society is but a pale shade of the fucking standard plate of shit that females get in society.  If they were actually women they would be told (and socialized from birth) to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up – like women (adult human females) are every day.


“These are but a few of many examples of all the ways people prove through their behavior that they don’t actually believe what they’re saying. They just don’t. They can say they believe “transwomen are women” but they don’t treat transwomen as actual women. Don’t you see? If transwomen were actually women, then the problems of transwomen would be treated with the same hum-drum response as any other woman’s issue. It wouldn’t be forced in everyone’s face, demanding the highest visibility and everyone’s immediate attention. No, that’s how men’s issues are treated. That’s how disadvantaged men are treated. That’s how men are prioritized over women, each and every time.

So sure, you can sit around and argue with them until you’re both blue in the face, but remember who you’re arguing with. You’re not arguing with people who actually believe their own assertions. You’re arguing with people who are baffling you with bullshit, even if they aren’t consciously aware that’s what they’re doing.”


Need more evidence?  Take a peek at the state of female reproductive rights in your corner of the world and observe carefully how short a shrift is given to actual female problems.