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Oh, hey there kinksters. Your progressive nature is showing…

Anti-Porn Feminists

TRIGGER WARNING for explicit and disturbing content

My first hour on Fetlife and I was already finding predatory behavior. I went on to start and contribute in discussions and some of the things I heard people saying made my stomach turn. There are things that the website claims to ban, but it’s obvious they don’t enforce it. Incest, beastiality, and pedophilia are not allowed but the forums are littered with discussions about these fetishes. There are members who point out that the website doesn’t really enforce their rules all the time. I’m just going to make a list of comments and discussions I actually saw on here, and I saved them to my computer so these are word-for-word.

  • There is a forum for people who get turned on by actual news stories of rape. “Documentaries about sex trafficking are just the best. Not only do you get tearful interviews with…

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Contextual analysis of the problematic behaviours of men who try to appropriate womanhood. An excellent read.

la scapigliata

It is anyone’s guess what proportion of trans activism involves deliberate gaslighting and what proportion involves vulnerable people with certain personality profiles employing immature defence mechanisms. Nonetheless, there’s a flavour to their illogical and abusive behaviour that could be described as “psychological strategies brought into play by the unconscious mind to manipulate, deny, or distort reality in order to defend against feelings of anxiety and unacceptable impulses and to maintain one’s self-schema or other schemas”.

This intrigues me so in this post I aim to list examples.


“A defense mechanism, operating unconsciously, whereby that which is emotionally unacceptable in the self is rejected and attributed (projected) to others.”

So, when trans activists say:

“Our existence isn’t for debate” they mean “We are debating existance of women”.

“Feminists are committing literal violence against us” they mean “We are committing literal violence against feminists”.

“You are trying to erase us”…

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Pretty much any religious conversation with a tru-believer.

If the light-show actually happened, it *might* be worth it.

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