This post will have been queued up, so here is what I think will happen.

The deck chairs on the good ship Canada might rearrange a bit, but the overall layout will remain the same.  We shall emerge from this election with a Liberal minority government.

The Liberal stratagists that suggested that they call an election during the 4th wave of a pandemic will have their asses fired *even though* the polls at the time put the Liberals far into majority.  This is a case in which common sense was overlooked for political expediency.  The voting during pandemic backlash has taken all the gild off of the hopes for a Liberal Majority government.

The bottom three parties – the Greens, NDP, and PPC, – will continue to toil in obscurity while the separatists in Quebec will make small gains because the stupid spectre of Quebec nationalism still needs to periodically stir and reprove its unworthiness to the rest of Canada.

The Maritimes will stay Liberal, Ontario will split the pie slightly differently, and the west will once again stick mouth over the Conservative tailpipe and inhale deeply – voting conservative blue because fuck thinking about politics seriously – we still have a grudge against the decades ago National Energy Policy – so any progressive thought must GO.

So, in conclusion, roughly more of the same.  Oh Canada…