When examining the claims of transgender ideology what is often found are fundamentally paradoxical claims about what the stated goals of the movement are and how they are to be achieved.


The transgender rights movement relies on opacity and vagueness to put forward it’s claims.  They claim to be the ‘most oppressed’ minority, while in reality they are not.  Ask them which rights specifically they do not have, they almost never answer because their goal is not about fighting for their rights, it is about ensuing you comply with what they say.  Which, of course, isn’t a position but rather an imposition of set of ideas and thus not really an argument per se.


In this selection Ms.Jackson examines some of the common claims transgender activists make and evaluates them against what is actually happening and the record of other rights movements.  No other rights movement has actively campaigned for the removal of other marginalized groups rights.  Specifically female rights with regards to their boundaries, spaces, services, and sports.  Women who, rightly, oppose this male colonization of female space are threatened, attacked, and face public censure for standing up and defending their boundaries.

For instance, Margaret Atwood retweeted an article that mildly criticized the more radically misogynistic behaviour of transrights activists.  This is the a small sample of the reactions she received:

Yes, I for one, can definitely see how progressive this transrights movement is.  It is, in fact, misogyny and male rights activism as soon as you scratch the surface.  And of course, what looks and quacks like anti-female activism is indeed anti-female activism as Ms. Jackson correctly identifies.