The future cost of utilities was one of the reasons why I installed solar panels on my roof.  I wanted to take action to protect myself from the volatility of the energy market and maybe take a small step in the green direction

Thankfully at the time of installation, there were rebates from the Provincial government in place that took about a third of the cost of the install of the top, which was very nice.

After a very rocky installation – (never ever choose Polaron as your solar installer) – we’ve been up and running for about 2 years now.  Production has been pretty good, although during the winter a ladder and snow roof rake are required to keep the panels clear.  During the non constantly snowing months my household uses zero power from the grid when the sun is out.  Any excess generation is sold back to the utility.


Sounds good right?  But here is the thing – the utilities are not raising power rates per say – but rather everything else on the bill.  So we get franchise fees, local area fees, delivery fees, fee fees et cetera.  All those costs are significantly ramping up, enough so that there is little benefit at the moment for being a local energy co-generator.

Would I recommend getting solar panels installed?  Without a government rebate – definitely not.  With rebates maybe, but until we re -regulate the power utilities and their ‘fixed fee structure’ do not expect anything more than marginal cost saving benefits.