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If your school has directives to keep information about your child away from you, action is necessary. Stand up, make noise and protect your children from age inappropriate ‘gender-queer’ nonsense.

This except taken from Stock’s eassy on substack about the “The Family Sex Show”.



If the grift fits run with it I guess.  This is one of the many problems with the all the manufactured identities running around out there – the cache and relevance given to them has no direct tie to their value in society.  ‘My made up words make me important’ should not be an serious metric in a society concerned with epistemological validity.

Who the hell is on this board and why do they think that the destruction of female boundaries and privacy is good thing?


“The vast majority of reported sexual assaults at public swimming pools in the UK take place in unisex changing rooms, new statistics reveal.

The data, obtained through a Freedom of Information request by the Sunday Times, suggests that unisex changing rooms are more dangerous for women and girls than single-sex facilities.

Just under 90 per cent of complaints regarding changing room sexual assaults, voyeurism and harassment are about incidents in unisex facilities.”

It’s like the board just decided that the safety of girls and women doesn’t matter.

The same month saw yet another school, in Midlothian, changing the toilets to unisex while everyone was on holiday. The result: more girls embarrassed to use the toilets, holding urine in all day and scared to go to school when they have just started their periods. In this case we also have boys peeing in the sinks. Parents are once again understandably angry:

“ANGRY parents have told how children went back to their Midlothian primary school after half-term to find the toilets had been made unisex.

“Mothers said daughters, including some who had started their periods, were now embarrassed to use the facilities at Mayfield Primary while boys have been spotted urinating in the sinks.

“A mother-of-three from Mayfield who has an eight-year-old daughter at the school said parents only found out on Wednesday when pupils returned from the break.

“She’s totally embarrassed,” said the 32-year-old.

“A lot of the kids were just waiting until they got home because they were too embarrassed to go to the toilet.

“The kids were off for the break and returned to school and when they were walking home, they said there were boys in the toilet.”

“I was really horrified. My little girl said the boys were carrying on and peeing in the sinks. Girls obviously mature quicker than boys.”

“Parents should be told. All the parents are not comfortable with it. They’re not happy about it at all. They think their kids are too young for this.”

“Some of the Primary 7 girls are starting their periods and they have to take sanitary products to the toilet with them.”

“Wee girls shouldn’t be going to school and feeling embarrassed to go to the toilet – it’s hard enough at that age.”

“Another parent, of a ten-year-old girl at Mayfield, said:

“My girl’s just started her period and I can’t send her to school if she’s on her period because she’s too scared.”

“I understand about equality and diversity and trying to make it equal for transgender but, I’m sorry, they’re primary school kids.”


It seems that schools have been misled about Equality law. ‘Inclusion’ and ‘exclusion’ are equally legitimate strategies to achieve equality, sometimes one is needed and sometimes the other. In the case of toilets, exclusion of the opposite sex has always been policy in order to ensure privacy for both sexes and for the safeguarding of girls.

In the case of toilets, the results of a policy of ‘inclusion’ are clear: the removal of the right to privacy for both sexes and discrimination against the sex with the greater need for privacy: girls.Mixed-sex or gender neutral toilets are not working for obvious reasons which should have been considered by schools before implementing this experiment on pupils.”

It will now be up to BC parents to force these faux-progessives to walk back their attack on girls privacy and boundaries while in school.  Stand up, get involved and protect your children’s right to privacy and safety in school.


Johann Sebastian Bach may have been the greatest composer ever, but he, too, had to learn the trade. And that meant reading and copying music, and playing endlessly on as many instruments as possible. Bach was extremely curious and from an early age he was already open to a great diversity of styles. He focused not only on obvious composers like Antonio Vivaldi, but also copied works by composers like Antonio Biffi and Johann Baal. He copied part of Biffi’s cantata ‘Amante Moribondo’ somewhere around 1710. We know, in any case, that this copy dates from before 1712.

Actually, it is only a short recitative, ‘Horebrevi e fatali’. Although Bach also copied the accompanying aria, only the first few bars of it have survived. You can see straight away why Bach found Biffi interesting. There is something very refined about the harmony. Biffi came from the Venetian school, which focused strongly on the meaning of the words. Biffi has a very well-considered style, in which details are highlighted. This was music for connoisseurs. Up to now, no recording has been made of this Bach-Biffi fragment. However, it does belong to Bach, so we have recorded it for the All of Bach project.

A heartening advertisement that understands the reality we all live in.

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