Canadians need to be exposed to the end product of inducting the concept of gender identity into Charter and laws.  The end result is that we have incarcerated male rapists in female prisons.  It is the ultimate expression of placing the feelings of males above the *safety* of females in our society.
   This is not about ‘being kind’ or being inclusive.  This is ignoring the reality we all share for some kind of gender fucking fantasy land where what people say about themselves MUST be accepted by everyone around them.  Our internal perception of ourselves is precisely that – it is ours – and there should be no expectations of others to abide with said perception.
  Our laws must deal with the world as it is, not the world as individuals want to perceive it if we value the notion of a just and fair Canadian society (that also happens to be safe for females).
CA — Ottawa, Ontario. Women Are Human recently disclosed Anngela Valentino’s Parole Board of Canada (PBC) decision, which confirmed female prisoners’ reports of Valentino assaulting and/or threatening them while incarcerated at Grand Valley Institution for Women (GVI). Women Are Human has additionally obtained the July 2020 PBC decision for a different male prisoner, Steve Mehlenbacher, which also confirms a female prisoner’s report that Mehlenbacher repeatedly sexually assaulted her. Mehlenbacher’s sexual assaults were first reported by Women Are Human in August 2020, after Heather Mason sounded the alarm on social media. Mason is a former Canadian federal prisoner at GVI and is now an advocate for women in prison. At that time, Women Are Human reached out to Mason and another former prisoner, who detailed multiple instances of Mehlenbacher’s predatory and abusive behaviour, and who were thus completely unsurprised that Mehlenbacher had been charged with sexual assault. Continue reading Parole Decision Confirms Another Male Prisoner Was Violent Towards Incarcerated Women | Women Are Human. Read more at: