It’s sad watching the CBC gleefully leap down the risible gender identity rabbit hole.  Although, it would seem, they do so with a reckless certitude heedless of their duty to reporting important credible news for the nation.

“Social media is full of posts this month by Canadian airlines celebrating pride. There’s aWestJet TikTok video showing a plane flying over a rainbow,Sunwing andAir Transat tweets promoting LGBTQ vacation hot spots and, on Instagram,Flair Airlines is wishing everyone “Happy Pride.”

But non-binary Canadians with travel plans feel excluded from those Pride celebrations. 

That’s because the airlines still don’t offer passengers a gender-neutral X option when booking flights online. Instead, they must choose male or female. The airlines are promising change, but some transgender advocates, including Gemma Hickey of St. John’s, N.L., say they’re getting fed up with the wait. 

“It’s very hypocritical for these airlines to be promoting inclusivity and celebrating pride when they’re marginalizing a group of us within that community who, for a long time, have existed on the fringes,” said Hickey.”

Why should airlines have to provide options that cater to people with erroneous views of the physical reality we all share?  We are all either male or female.  This is been a fact since the inception of the species of human beings.

Is your identity that fucking fragile that a drop down box is marginalizing you?  Apparently so.

As a non-binary person, Hickey uses the pronoun they and doesn’t identify exclusively as male or female. 

Gemma Hickey of St. John’s, N.L., received a Canadian passport with an X gender designation in 2018. They’re still waiting for many airlines to adopt the gender category. (Submitted by Gemma Hickey)

In 2017, the federal government introduced a third, X gender designation for passports. Hickeyreceived one the following year and immediately began lobbying Canada’s major airlines to adopt the X option as well. 

“They’ve had time to make the changes,” said Hickey. “It feels like I’m not part of society. I’m not represented.”

Yes.  People with delusions about reality shouldn’t be validated.  Yet the Nothing-Burger whinging continues…

That’s how Iz Lloyd felt when flying with WestJet last month from Calgary to Halifax. Lloyd, who is non-binary, said theywere forced to identify as male or female to book their flight and check in online. 

Lloyd, who has an X gender designation on their passport, said they learned at the airport that people who identify as non-binary must show up in person to check in. 

“If men had to check in at the gate and they couldn’t check in online, people would lose their mind … but the trans community is expected to put up with it.”

Iz Lloyd of Halifax, who is non-binary, asked WestJet to remove its posts on social media about pride month after Lloyd was forced to choose a male or female designation to board a flight. (Dave Laughlin/CBC)

The following week, Lloyd asked WestJet to pull its social media posts about pride. The posts, however, remain online. 

“Companies are really bad with rainbow washing of, you know, ‘We’re so inclusive, we’re so good, look at us, give us money, like, we are the best,'” said Lloyd. “But if you aren’t actually putting in the work, you don’t get to say that.”

You make a special case of yourself and then wonder why you have to jump through extra hoops.


The victimhood is extra poignant when it is self inflicted.

“Air Canada spokesperson, Peter Fitzpatrick said the airline plans to introduce the X option soon and aims to add gender-neutral options at check-in next month.

“Adding these options is a complex task and it has really only been made possible by the relatively recent installation of a whole new reservation system,” Fitzpatrick wrote in an email. 

Hickey hopes that next year, all the airlines’ gender options will align with their pride marketing.

“It remains to be seen if these changes will be made. I look forward to the day that they do, and I’ll certainly keep holding their feet to the fire until the day comes.”

Lloyd said they would like to see the federal government step in to ensure airlines incorporate the X gender category.

“If it is a legal marker, it needs to be followed,” they said. “The government should be putting in some baseline rules.”

Transport Canada said it does not regulate airlines’ booking and check-in systems.”

Useless Queer Activism at its finest – making the airlines bend the knee to their customers magical gender demands.  I’m so very glad the CBC business desk found this worthy of reporting.