Pronouns are simply parts of speech.  No one owns any particular part of speech and thus, no one is under any obligation to use pronouns that are not congruent with the material reality we all share.

Children often feel discomfort with themselves and their sense of self as they grow up.  This is often part of the natural process of discovering oneself and slowly defining who we are.  It’s okay to for a boy not to feel like wanting to be a boy or a girl not wanting to be a girl.  Sometimes children want to be unicorns or dragons as well.  These discomforts and fantasies pass – especially when parents are providing a supportive and reality based environment for the child to inhabit and grow in.

Queer identities and the pronoun bullshit that goes along with them are the polar opposite of a stable and ordered social environment.  Inflicting the pronouns madness on children serves only to destabilize and confuse children about who and what they are.  Which of course is precisely why the queer activists are insinuating themselves into the schools the earlier the grooming starts, the better (see Drag Queen Story Hour).

As responsible adults we should be refusing to play along with this insidious ideology – Go here for Colin Wright’s full article on the issue it is very informative.