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This is the madness that parents and sane teachers are up against.  Read and learn so you can pick apart their bullshite and get to the truth.


Go to Colin Wright’s Substack for the full essay.


Question: How are the terms “man” and “woman” and “boy” and “girl” defined?

Kyle: “Oh wow, this question is going to be difficult to answer ‘cause it’s a bit philosophical.”

Jessie then answers:

Well that’s a great question. So I did an undergrad and a masters in Gender Studies, and like, I don‘t know if I could even tell you that, right? Like, because part of it, it’s, you cannot get away from social constructionism and language. So we define these terms based on many different things, but they’re always defined by the current context in which we live, like culture, time, all of these pieces, right? I think, and in that, we also define it by things like hormones, and things like anatomy, right? It’s like, how do we decide, um, you know, when we assign somebody male or female at birth, what is that based on? That’s based on anatomy, right? But there’s actually so many things, um, that are, that we’re not kind of looking at, right? That we also have to take into account. So, I mean, I honestly can’t answer those questions.

Um, you know, it’s, when we talk about gender identity, right, people, uh, say like ‘How do you know you’re trans?’ kind of almost like ‘How do you know you’re gay?’ It’s like, how do you know you’re straight? Right? It’s just kind of like, it’s often times like an internal feeling, but we define these things in terms of like biological factors, social factors, psychological factors, um, and they change from, like, different eras, different centuries, and mean different things at different times. I don’t know, that’s a hard one.

You read that correctly: Jessie did both an undergrad degree and completed a masters degree in Gender Studies, yet cannot even provide definitions for the two “genders” that children are identifying with and away from that serve as the basis for removing and modifying their body parts.

Kyle then adds:

We spoke a bit earlier about this idea of like labels and alphabet soup, and sometimes I think like yeah, these ideas of what is man and what is woman, what is boy what is girl? They’re just like arbitrary words to describe, you know, experiences and labels to put on people. And like who really knows what it means to be man, to be woman, to be masculine, to be feminine? I think it is what you say it is.

If “man” and “woman” and “boy” and “girl” are indeed only “arbitrary words to describe experiences,” then how can we possibly justify any medical interventions for children describing themselves in these terms? This concern leads to my next question.

Question: If we can’t understand these concepts, why do we think children can grasp them?

Kyle responds that’s because the real experts are the children themselves!

I think that we need to give way more credit like, when I’m, as I said when I’ve run these workshops it’s like students who are the ones being like “We don’t care that you’re trans and telling your story because, like, that’s fine, you be you.” I get asked so many times “Why were people ever mean to you for being trans? Like, it’s just you.” And it’s like, yeah, they get it way more, like I think it’s the unraveling that we are doing presently, the peeling of the onion, has already happened for them. They’re there with this fresh onion already, like crying away and being like “Cool,” like this radical acceptance of like this is how things are, and it is like an unlearning that has already been happening, um, and so we’re catching up, I think.

Jessie echoes Kyle’s sentiment about how children are the true experts because they’ve yet to be corrupted by socialization, whereas adults are perpetually engaged in a “process of unlearning” their biases, phobias, and preconceptions about what it means to be a man or woman.

These are challenging ideas, and we can get into philosophy and all these things, but you have to remember the way that we were all socially kind of, like, you know, taught about these concepts, and so we’re very much in a process of unlearning, where you know, there’s almost like a simplicity to kids, right? Like around, um, just being who they are, and being accepting, and loving of themselves and other people, and then, you know, and then bias kind of comes into play, and a lot of hat is taught, actually.

The transcript from his speech –

My name is Colin Wright, and I am an evolutionary biologist perhaps best known for arguing the (now controversial) position that biological sex is real, there are only two sexes, the differences between males and females matter, and that women are adult human females.

You might be wondering why this is relevant here at a rally about ending child mutilation. Well, it’s actually extremely relevant, because the justifications given for performing these horrific surgeries on children are rooted in absurd, reality-denying pseudoscience about basic biology.

It’s a pseudoscience that denies the existence of males and females.

It’s a pseudoscience that says biological sex is just an arbitrary social construct.

It’s a pseudoscience that says a person’s identity determines their biology.

And it’s a pseudoscience that says that a person can be born in the wrong body, which is demonstrated by having preferences or behaviors that are typically associated with the opposite sex.

Most people don’t realize how much our major scientific and medical institutions have been captured by this pseudoscience literally claiming that girls who are tomboys, and boys who are effeminate, are transgender.

But the American Psychological Association, the Endocrine Society, the American Psychiatric Association, and even the CDC, to name only a few, all literally define “transgender” as “persons whose expression or behavior does not conform to that which is typically associated with their sex.”

That’s their definition. Go look it up for yourself if you don’t believe me.

It doesn’t get much clearer than that. If your daughter is not a feminine girl, she’s actually a boy. And if your son is not a masculine boy, according to them, he’s actually a girl. Or even something else entirely different altogether.

This is absurd in the extreme.

We know that if left alone, many of these extremely “nonconforming” children will grow up to be normal, healthy, gay adults.

But now, because of gender ideology, these children are being told they have a mismatch between their gender identity and their biological sex, which can then be “fixed” with puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgery.

In addition to these beliefs defying all we know to be scientifically true about basic biology, they are also grotesque and evil.

What is occurring at Vanderbilt Medical, and hospitals and clinics all over the country in the name of gender pseudoscience, is a medical scandal of horrifying proportions.

And it has to end right now.

Pronouns are simply parts of speech.  No one owns any particular part of speech and thus, no one is under any obligation to use pronouns that are not congruent with the material reality we all share.

Children often feel discomfort with themselves and their sense of self as they grow up.  This is often part of the natural process of discovering oneself and slowly defining who we are.  It’s okay to for a boy not to feel like wanting to be a boy or a girl not wanting to be a girl.  Sometimes children want to be unicorns or dragons as well.  These discomforts and fantasies pass – especially when parents are providing a supportive and reality based environment for the child to inhabit and grow in.

Queer identities and the pronoun bullshit that goes along with them are the polar opposite of a stable and ordered social environment.  Inflicting the pronouns madness on children serves only to destabilize and confuse children about who and what they are.  Which of course is precisely why the queer activists are insinuating themselves into the schools the earlier the grooming starts, the better (see Drag Queen Story Hour).

As responsible adults we should be refusing to play along with this insidious ideology – Go here for Colin Wright’s full article on the issue it is very informative.


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