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People are vulnerable when they are isolated and feel alone.  It is here many begin their journey into false acceptance and the ‘peace’ that belonging to cult brings.

“Technology has recently enabled destructive cults to arise that have no single authority figure. The authority is now “likes” and upvotes. No single person determines what is presented to the cult member as truth, it is the judgement of an anonymous, terminally online and unwell collective. The collective is enabled by social media.”

  The following is a paraphrase from Mike Rothschild’s book, “The Storm is Upon Us”, is about the Q-Anon distributed online cult.


“Cultic movements like QAnon substitute good feelings of like-minded strangers and the dopamine hits of hating the things those people hate for the ups and downs of personal relationships. They blast away the possibility of strenuous debate or disagreement with someone you love, preferring to create a world where those who don’t feel the same way are the enemy, meant to be either destroyed or cut off from contact.”

Seems about right. What does he have to report from the collected wisdom of cult experts? Here is advice from that chapter, paraphrased:

* Family and friends are mostly powerless to help until the person is ready to change

* Stay in touch if possible, but on your terms. You don’t have to pretend to share their new beliefs.

* Try to unplug them from the internet (i.e. get them away from the toxic sludge)

* Understand it won’t happen overnight – disengagement is a process

* Do not use outdated terms or concepts (like brainwashing, deprogramming, etc.)

* Do not mock or belittle

* Do not attempt to debate or debunk

* Do not give up if it matters to you


So we wait for the concussion to heal.

A close friend told us recently: this is just getting started. Your time horizon is going to be years.

Unfortunately, he is probably right.

The last paragraph is written by the parents who have lost their daughter to the transgender ideology cult.  It will be a long road back.

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