This is a critical thinking exercise.  It exists to help people understand why they say and support the things they say and support.  It fails utterly for the activist students who take up the camp on the ‘strongly agree’ side.

What is most telling is when Dr. Boghossian asks them what evidence or what information would make them change their mind to move one step toward being neutral on the topic.  Neither of the women say their are any arguments or information that would persuade them.  And that folks, is the sole domain of the ‘true believer’ and/or ideologue – a blessed state where no fact, no amount of reason or evidence will change your mind.

It is a dangerous position to hold for the individual and society.  Do not miss the irony of the true believers calling other ‘bigoted’, it is truly something to behold.

Watch the video, grit your teeth if you have to, but know that much of the activist Left simply do not have arguments they can defend in a conversation. What they do have is social shaming and name calling, and let me assure you, they have that in abundance. Do not give into their coercion, not standing up for yourself reflects poorly on you, not them. Do not let their lies come through you at the very least.