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Alright, we already know we have enough flashes to make one hell of a light show, but this gem is really too good not to give extra attention to.

Never coming to a science course near you.  :)


Enjoy this by the numbers take down of religious tomfoolery.  The Thinking Atheist’s video is a wonderful reference for everyone who has to deal whatever happens to be the religious lie of the day.  Failing that, one could just dig the groovy ’70’s vibe going on throughout the video.

You would think that after your Dad has been thoroughly trashed by making bogus claims you would, oh…I dunno… learn from his mistakes and not repeat them?  Frak the facts, (creationist SOP btw) lets get the good word out there accuracy be damned.

Some of what I dislike about creationists stems from their basic epistemological premises.  For instance the idea that belief in an idea ipso facto makes it correct.   The harder you believe in something, the more correct you are.  Of course this idea is just one of the pathologically shitty ideas creationists come up with; it gets worse.

Because in their epistemology if you believe something, and their magic book of choice happens to mention it in passing, well then Goddidit and no further explanation is needed.  It must nice to be dishonest and lazy when it comes to backing up and relating your ideas to the world.  Dear reader, I hear you saying, “But Arbourist, this is a rational humanist blog where is your evidence?”  Praise the Four-Cheezes patience, gentle reader the mighty wordpress has come to the rescue.

There is a handy feature in wordpress where you can search tags people make for the content of their posts.  The posts I tag with “creationism” are much different much much that appears in that category.  Take for instance, this noxious little gem of stupidity which we are going to examine with some detail.

What can we prove?

The truth is that no one can prove evolution or creation. We have the same evidence, but no one alive today was an eye witness to the origins of man, and neither of the claims of  the creationist and the evolutionist can be observed today. We can only study the result.

*splat* That was my cerebral cortex recoiling in horror at the level of stupid in this one small quotation (there is more friends, but my little cortex is weeping and is begging for the inanity to stop).  The fastest way to make arguing easy for yourself is to dishonestly represent your opponent.  This one little paragraph is dishonest and shows an astonishingly brain-dead-shambling-zombie-like grasp of argumentation and rhetoric.

The truth is that no one can prove evolution or creation.” – Bullshit – About 3,630,000 results say you are being a dishonest fuck-wit.

We have the same evidence,” – Bullshit – Your “evidence” is based on the mystical ramblings of barely sapient bronze age goat-herds.  Some 3.6 million papers that mostly conform to the scientific method, are peer reviewed and falsifiable say your version of the facts are the equivalent of the chunder my dog threw up yesterday.

but no one alive today was an eye witness to the origins of man, and neither of the claims of  the creationist and the evolutionist can be observed today.” – What the frack does being an eyewitness have to to with anything?  I cannot see the moon orbit around the earth, should we infer that it floats into the sky on unicorn farts and then sinks every night once they dissipate?  Usually you cannot see electricity, only its effects – are we to believe it doesn’t exist either or is its more fucking fantastical farting  unicorns?

We can only study the result.” – The only thing being studied by creationists is the depths of their rectal cavities because it is where they get all their fecal-dominated facts from when not busily bloviating about how godidit.

There is no controversy, only the religiously deluded making shit up and trying to pass it off as reasonable.  Their arguments are piss-poor and they offer little to no evidence of a theory with more explicative power.  Their arguments can sound good, but like polishing a turd for centuries,(the bible being one of the biggest floaters in the bowl),  once the varnish is gone, all you are left with is shit.



I’ve always found WLC’s arguments to be a bit frothy, and unnecessarily wordy, perhaps even straying into the realm of prolix.  The Disservice today focuses on the reasons why prominent atheists and other intellectuals are wary of, or outright refuse to ‘debate’ WLC and his ilk.

That being said, here is a video from DiscoveringReligion that takes some of the more inane arguments put forth by our deluded christian friends vivisects them in great detail and sends the now ensaddened god squad packing.


Skepticon has proven to be a most valuable source of rational thought and interesting fodder for the Sunday disservice.   In this episode, PZ Myers takes one creationist talking point and knocks it down, utterly and completely.  Plus a small primer on molecular biology, all in under 50 minutes.  Enjoy.

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