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Back when the internet was just starting, there were many, how can we put this politely, ‘optimistic’ predictions in the vein of bringing the world together, unbounded communication, openness, a giant leap forward for mankind – blah blah blah.

Unfortunately, what we got was a commercialized, sectarian echo chamber that, more often than not, served to augment the insular tendencies humanity is famous for.  Rather than being exposed to ideas from all the cultures with access to the web, we limit our exposure and often work very hard to keep what we watch and read within our small cultural frameworks.  Ignorance still rules the day as like minded communities spin their self-referential webs of their preferred reality, creating closed online cultures that desperately maintain the status-quo.  It’s a shitty feature of meat-space replicated to “Nth” time here on the web.

Eric Whitacre’s projects reach across these boundaries, across the sectarian divides and foist people out of their enclaves so they can join and share a common goal; the production of beautiful music.  I have reservations about some of the technical aspects of what Whitacre is doing with the Virtual Choirs, but I am in full agreement with the spirit of what the VC’s accomplish.  Bringing people together to work toward a common goal despite all the cultural baggage and all the prejudice and insular nonsense that routinely bollocks-up human interactions.

The Virtual Choirs hint at what the internet should be for, as opposed what it is at the moment.

Welcome readers to the key of A minor, the CBC Signature Series continues and as always, you will have to go over to the CBC Radio 2 site to listen to the music and voice-over by Paolo Pietropaolo. 

A minor: The Faded Beauty

Also known as:
The Wilted Rose.

The Cougar.

A minors you might know:
Miss Havisham from Great Expectations.
Blanche DuBois from A Streetcar Named Desire.
Blanche Devereaux from The Golden Girls.

The notes: A – B – C – D – E – F – G♯ – A.

Number of sharps/flats: none.

Relative major: C major.

What they said about A minor in the 18th century:
“The worst key of all, so sleepy, phlegmatic, that it should be perhaps the least used.” – J.J.H. Ribock, 1783

“Extremely lugubrious and gloomy. It is little practised; if so it expresses slaughters, massacres, and funeral dirges.” – Francesco Galeazzi, 1796

More A minor listening:
Piano Sonata No. 8 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Cello Concerto by Robert Schumann.

Hans Zimmer knows Brass. :)


This is a little out of the norm for the DWR Friday musical interlude, but what can I say I like the clip it makes me chair dance, so up it goes. :)



Skydiving with a cello = Awesome.

Happy Together” is a 1967 song from The Turtlesalbum of the same name. Released in February 1967, the song knocked The Beatles‘ “Penny Lane” out of the #1 slot for three weeks on the Billboard Hot 100.[1] It was the group’s only chart-topper. “Happy Together” reached #12 on the UK Singles Chart in April 1967.[2] The song was written by Garry Bonner and Alan Gordon, former members of a band known as The Magicians.[1] The song had been rejected a dozen times before it was offered to The Turtles, and the demo acetate was worn out.[3]

The Turtles performing “Happy Together”, on The Ed Sullivan Show, May 14, 1967.

The song is in chromatic-minor.[4]

It has been a long winter here in Canada.  Not particularly cold, but the washed out monotones of the season begun to wear on even the most sturdy of us by March.  The answer, the magic tonic, is great music, great musicians and verdantly great scenery from Hawaii, no less!

One of my favourite Simon and Garfunkel tunes.


What the system looks like when you have learn it.

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