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"Burn forever!", says the loving christian sky-fairy.

One of the problems with christianity (and other made up bullshite) is that if given the time to actually think about what believing in it actually entails, you can easily end up among the growing ranks of the unwashed atheist hoard.  The problem is squaring with what you been told with what actually is.  If you closely read the bible you will see how morally repugnant it actually is, and realize that ethical claims cannot be based on this mouldering blood soaked text.

Meridian Frost’s work was brought to my attention by my fellow co-blogger Mystro.  Frost analyses then dissects what it takes for a good christian to get into heaven.  You would think that altruistic behaviour would be a prime requisite.  You would be wrong, it requires grovelling and fealty to the sky-daddy before you are even *considered* for eternal bliss.   Frost lays it all out and precisely details how fetid and unbelievable the whole concept is.  Enjoy his incisive commentary.

Edward Current makes me laugh.  I enjoy this videos and especially the comment sections where people routinely miss the satire and respond as if EC was playing what he says utterly straight.  But enough!  Beware god-mockers, its double down time in the torture for eternity sweepstakes.

When you break down what it would actually mean to be a deity, or to have absolute power and control over another one can start to appreciate the ghastly way in which events and decisions can go wrong.  Unchecked power can only lead to psychopathy, and that is precisely the power so many of the faithful want to ascribe to their particular godhead.

I do not, and will not submit to any celestial dictatorship that is so potentially cruel remorseless.  Is the video far fetched?  Or is the video a chilling commentary on the system the religious so desperately seem to need?

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