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Signed, Sealed and Delivered.  Climate denialists, the exit is over there on the right.  Ta-ta.

Potholer54 does his usual service of disentangling the stupid vomited up by christians in their quest to win ultimate happy heaven land.  Neutron stars, gentle readers, do not as postulated by the Yob in this video, sing the praises of god in any way shape or form.   It being 2013, one would think that this sort of craptacular thinking would be out of style.


You know those people who use their mouths but not their brains, this video is for them.  The gullible fall for conspiracy theories with alarming regularity and will attempt to suck you into their own vortex of stupidity.  Potholer54 has the antidote to their claims – basic research and fact checking FTW!

Potholer54 does a wonderful job of skewering the creationist stupidity involved with probability, he neatly lays bare the idea that MORE ZEROES = Scientific Fact because god said.

Enjoy. :)

Allow me to expand on how the religious abuse, fold, spindle, and mutilate science as seen by Potholer54.

These people are in desperate need reality.  The god-goggles need to go, the portcullis of faith needs to be lifted, the cathedral needs repurposing into a useful fixture of society.

The “gotcha” question is tempting, oh so sorely tempting.  The problem is, what if the question you decide to ask reflects poorly on you and your general level of ignorance.   As with most train-wrecks, the results are ugly.  Watch Potholer dismantle yet another clueless christian creationist with nothing but the sober reality of empirical fact.

A now classic video by Potholer54 showing with considerable acumen how wrong the Flood myth and by extension, biblical creation, is.

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