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In this space we often decry religion for what it is: toxically delusional buffoonery that still has the gall to raise its putrid head in the light of the 21st century.  Here at DWR we regularly delve into the myriad of topics relating to how religion poisons everything it touches and the shite secular rational people have to clean up once the clown-cars rev up and zoom away.

Religion supports patriarchy and thus by definition is anti-woman, the religious right does not want women to have bodily autonomy – the sooner they own that and hopefully reject that retrograde dark-middle-aged bullshite the more relevant to people that think they will become.  Religion promotes hatred, sectarian and otherwise with magical beliefs that just happen to support bigotry and racism.

Racism, bigotry, misogyny and, oh hey, lets not forget anti-science and anti-intellectualism because using your faculties to explore the world around you is a sin of the highest order.  If you’ve been following the Sunday Disservice, you know that all of the above and more is what we rally against in our fight for a society that uses a evidence based decision making model, not one based on unreliable, crusty mythological scriptures written for a different time and a different people.

We now get a snap shot of what the people in power could be like if religion would just sit the frak down and let rational progressive society do the work necessary to carry us to the next century.  I realize this is a repost, but damn if I couldn’t watch this 20 more times and hope for time when it could actually happen.

Your musty christian tome says a lot of neat stuff.  Let’s see, if we did not get to cherry pick the morality that suits us, what we would have to do.  But then again, consistency is not really a big part of belief now is it?


Thank you to Dammit Janet for the video link.

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