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Hello.  This opening post will hopefully be the first of many that will cover a broad range of topics that interest me and that I care about.  My views would be considered left of center overall and I approach most issues from that point of  view.

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you again.

The Arbourist.

What are you doing, Alberta? : Pharyngula

darwin_apeOne cannot teach biology without teaching evolution.  It would be like trying to teach physical education, with no running allowed.  Our enlightened government though is going to put that assertion to the test.  This bill was put forward with the publically stated intention of enshrining the protection same sex couples.  In reality, Bill 44 gives parents the option to remove their children from any course material that contains sexual or religious content.  Furthermore, teachers must notify parents in writing when such a contentious issue will be discussed in class.  (Thankfully the amended bill allows for unplanned anecdotal mentions of religion and sexuality).

What is wrong with Bill 44 is the unconscious reinforcement of the heterogendered ideal.

Homosexuality is just as normal as heterosexual behaviour in nature.  It just seems that the alleged creator (see also the magic sky fairy) of the entire UNIVERSE has real problems with whom and how we have intimate relationships with.  It says so in the same book that slavery is great and contends unabashedly that pi is 3. (Three cheers for biblical accuracy and morality!)  If you wish to arm your children with 2000 year old “wisdom” please, be my guest (feel free to not believe in germ theory as well).  Just do not expect your delusions to be catered to in the public secular school system.  There are many religious schooling options available to addle your children with mystical buffoonery.

There is not a ‘happy medium’ when in comes to the evolution/creation debate.  We must not equivocate when it comes to rational thought versus religious codswallop.  If we are to teach fact, then we must teach evolution.  If we want to teach myth then we can look to religion.  The two topics have nothing to do with each other and vary on the key point that one is based on testable, proven fact; the other on the stories that semi-literate shepherds cooked up in the hot sun of the Middle East 2000 years ago.

PR makes sense and would get more people voting because your vote would make a difference.  PR would better reflect the diversity of values that we as Canadians claim to hold dear and close to our sociopolitical hearts.  Implementing PR in Canada is that hard part.  The funny thing is that it really should not be so hard is it is made out to be. already exists.  A structure is in place to let the voices for PR to be heard on Parliament Hill.  If enough people join the Fairvote cause and they let their MP’s know they want PR it will happen.  Simple.  End of story.

What is missing is fact that people are systematically steered away from organizing and coming together (thank-you corporate media).  The current established parties have no interest in seeing PR in Canada as it would hinder their goal of staying in power.  PR is a tough sell to either the Conservative or Liberal Party as both have prospered under the current first past the post system.   They rightly wait for the fuss and bother of electoral reform to go away until next election time.

If you don’t like the current system then do something about it.  Do nothing and nothing will change.  Start with and see if you agree, write to your MP, talk with someone else about electoral reform.   Do not let your indolence vote in your stead; the established parties are counting on it.Voting

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