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This post has to do with god and how the concept is framed by the concept of evil.  Epicurus stated the problem elegantly with this argument.

  1. If a perfectly good god exists, then there is no evil in the world.
  2. There is evil in the world.
  3. Therefore, a perfectly good god does not exist.

Another conclusion that can be drawn from this is that god is either impotent or uncaring as this video from FFreethinker so brilliantly points out  –  its called God’s Divine Plan.

I wanted to mention the case of Joseph and Elisabeth Fritzl.  This is the case in the media of the Austrian Father who held his daughter as a prisoner/sex slave for 24 years until she finally escaped.

Many religions claim there is a god watching over us, listening to us, and answering our prayers.  My question is this, where the fracksexslave was god for Elisabeth Fritzl?  What greater good could come of someone being incestuously assaulted for 24 years?  The god people worship stood back, with arms crossed,  for almost a quarter century and did absolutely NOTHING.

Why would you hold such a being as holy?  How perfectly monstrous.  We can talk of his inaction when it comes to rape, genocide, murder etc.  Why would a being that supposedly cares for us allow evil of this sort to exist.

The answer is that he is fictitious, a man made construct, built to keep the gullible in line.    Endorse this delusion at your own peril.

rjusticeWoo, a real argument with premises and conclusion.  A tight argument I stumbled over on the Killing the Afterlife blog. (  A neat thread to look at if ya have the time.

1) A person owns themselves

2) Self ownership implies the right to free will

3) In having free will, you cannot have a duty to perform any affirmative actions.

Conclusion– You have no duty to provide another with the means to live.

Therefore it is permissible to remove anything classified as a separate entity from your body.


As my partner edified for me in talking about abortion on a feckless youtube thread.  Do not even go down the ‘personhood’ road.  It starts and ends with a persons right to their own body.   I think this particular argument does a nice job of augmenting that sentiment.

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