rjusticeWoo, a real argument with premises and conclusion.  A tight argument I stumbled over on the Killing the Afterlife blog. (http://killtheafterlife.blogspot.com)  A neat thread to look at if ya have the time.

1) A person owns themselves

2) Self ownership implies the right to free will

3) In having free will, you cannot have a duty to perform any affirmative actions.

Conclusion– You have no duty to provide another with the means to live.

Therefore it is permissible to remove anything classified as a separate entity from your body.


As my partner edified for me in talking about abortion on a feckless youtube thread.  Do not even go down the ‘personhood’ road.  It starts and ends with a persons right to their own body.   I think this particular argument does a nice job of augmenting that sentiment.