From the fat file of addressing effects rather than causes in the Middle East:

“Barack Obama, the US president, has asked Congress for $205m to help Israel speed up construction of a new short-range anti-missile defence system, White House aides have said.

Another 'pillar' of the Peace Process

The so-called “Iron Dome” project is designed to intercept rockets and artillery shells from the Gaza Strip and neighbouring Lebanon.”

Rather than addressing the root causes of why Israel needs a missile shield, lets just build a slapdash system give it a sexy name and throw a couple billion into developing and deploying it.  The amount of US peaceable hand-waving in the Middle East is increasing as of late as well as the threat of military action.

“As the president has repeatedly said, our commitment to Israel’s security is unshakable and our defence relationship is stronger than ever,” Vietor said.”

An equitable two state solution would solidify Israel’s security concerns without lining the pockets of the defense industries.

“A senior department of defence official tells me that recently, US officials saw a test of the project and were very impressed by it, and decided to give the money to help speed up production.”

The move comes after ties between Israel and the US were strained by an announcement of more illegal Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem made during a visit to Israel by Joe Biden, the US vice-president.”

Oh well; it is kiss and make up time as the frothy pro-Israeli lobby in the US once again dictates foreign policy.  “Oh hey, don’t worry about breaking international law and the whole illegal settlement thing.  Here is a couple million for your troubles we caused you by daring to call you on your anti-Palestinian colonization program.”

“According to the US state department, US military aid to Israel in 2009 totalled $2.55bn. This will increase to $3bn in 2012, and will total $3.15bn a year from 2013 to 2018.”

Will there be peace in the Middle East?  I have 3.15 billion reasons to think that the answer for the foreseeable future will be ‘No’.

Update: Watch the Pro-Israeli Flak machine in action at Think Progress, sickening.